समयसागर जी महाराज इस समय बंडा विहार में हैं सुधासागर जी महाराज इस समय ललीतपुर में हैंयोगसागर जी महाराज का चातुर्मास नागपुर में मुनिश्री प्रमाणसागरजी महाराज का चातुर्मास सम्मेद शिखर जी मेंदुर्लभसागरजी महाराज का चातुर्मास बावनगजा में Youtube - आचार्यश्री विद्यासागरजी के प्रवचन देखिए Youtube पर आचार्यश्री के वॉलपेपर Android पर आर्यिका पूर्णमति माताजी का चातुर्मास इंदौर मेंदिगंबर जैन टेम्पल/धर्मशाला Android पर विनम्रसागरजी महाराज का चातुर्मास खजुराहो में

जैन चौघड़िया


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  • Jai jinendra, mind is most wonderful thing in the world one who is control our mind mean he control all over world

  • Respected Maharaj ji,
    Sadar Vandana,
    Pl. note that choghadiya is shown for Indian time.
    How to use this in Thailand.The time here is one and half hour more than indian time.The sun rises one and half hour before it rises in India.Should we add one and half hour to choghadia or keep the same time.e.g. Sunday 7.30-9.00AM =CHAR,9.00-10.30 AM= LABH- INDIA
    what will be time for CHAR and LABH on Sunday in THAILAND
    Aapka Shishya, Ashok Kumar Jain

    • Respected Ashokji,

      Jai Jinendra,

      It appears that timings of Chogadias are calculated from the normal timings of Sun rise in India. As normal timings of Sun rise in Thailand is before 1.30 hours, timings of Chogadias can be calculated accordingly.

      The above presumption is based on a discussion held with a Jyotishi. My grand daughter borne in Singapore. I requested him to prepare Janampatri and advised him that she borne in Singapore and timings of Singapore is before 2.30 hours. He advised that timings of Singapore should be taken in to account.

      you may agree with this preposition till any authentic confirmation.

      Thailand is a beautiful country with full of natural scenes. I have visited once.

      With regards,


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