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Thailand (Jain Temple in Thailand)
Building # 143/3, next to K. Building Apartment,
(opp. Hare Krishna Temple),
Soi Putha Osot, off Maha Set Road,
Suriwong, Bangrak, Bangkok-10500.
Tel : 02 2337894.
Jinalay opening timing: 7.00-12.00 hours in morning and 17.00-20.00 hours in evening

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  1. Jai Jenender, I visited to bangkong with family in 5th june 2011, so kindly let me know for staying n jain/veg. foods in bangkong/pattaya ,we are all pure veg. kindly send me some address of budget hotel & veg. Restorent.

  2. jai jinendra, i am going to visit bangkok on 17th may 2012. i want address of jain temple there, and i want address of cambodia nandishwar temple, pls give me information soon. i am pure veg tell me resturant.

  3. jai jinendra ………….recently i visited to acharya shri and also muni kshamasagar ji ………………i m so happy and if anyone want to know about them plz mail me i will talk to u

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