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Paryushan Parv and Divine Fasting Recipes

Paryushan parv- Day Three- Uttam Aarjav or Honesty
Anupama Jain
The trouble with the world,” said the Master with a sigh “is that human beings refuse to grow up.”
“When can a person be said to have grown up?” asked a disciple.
“On the day he does not need to be lied to about anything and he is upright and honest.
Today on the day of Supreme Arjava or uprightness , let us ponder over this virtue.
Wealth makes something easy — honesty most of all ” and remember to be honest, to own self and towards task always earns trust respect- so said a sage. All of us have grown with this preaching that Honesty is best policy and it should apply in daily life but what is honesty? In a plain meaning, honesty is to admit, to say or to give inference according to the fact and the truth. In honesty there are no contradictions or discrepancies in thoughts words and deeds Honesty and uprightness are virtues that should be celebrated and practiced at all levels.
In these challenging times when ethics are more important than ever before, we should set a good example for everyone, we work and live with.
Aarjava: Aarjava means uprightness, straight-forwardness, unfussiness, frank-speaking, candor, sincerity, large-heartedness and liberty from treachery.means straightforwardness or Honesty (To practice a deceit-free conduct in life by vanquishing the passion of deception.) in conduct. One’s own conduct may be crooked. His bodily action, speech and mind may be lacking in straightforwardness. Avoiding this crookedness in thought, word and deed, is called Aarjav or uprightness
Paryushan Parva  Uttam Satya Day or the day of Truthfulness
There is no god higher than truth. ~Mahatma Gandhi.
On the fourth day of paryushan parva  Uttam Satya Day or the day of truthfulness we dedicate this day to the invincible force of truth .Mahatma Gandhi, the apostle of satyagrah has once said I have nothing new to teach the world .Truth and Non -Violence are as old as the hills. All I have done is to try experiments in both on as vast scale as I could. And truly With the power of satyagrah, not only he overthrew the almighty British empire but he described his entire life as experiments with truth . Mahatma installed power of non violence and truthfulness i.e. the basic principles of Jain doctrine and this force made a frail, half clad man Father of our nation. The philosophy of Jainism specially, doctrine of non violence- Ahimsa and satyagrah – truthfullness had a significant influence on mahatma, as we all know that mahatma put these principles in practice in his fight for India’s freedom.
Satya literally means Sat, which means existence. Existence is a quality of the soul. Recognizing the soul’s true nature as it really exists and taking shelter in the soul is practicing Nischay Satya Dharma .As elderly has said- absence of truth or Lying leads to an influx of paap karma. If talking is not required, then one must not talk but If it is really required then only use the minimum of words, and all must be absolutely true. One should always observe restrained in speech or vaanee and always follow the path of truth, so said the learned persons.
In the Indian philosophy truth also means the concept of ever pure and ever free soul it flows naturally into the practice of non hurting any one’s sentiments Practice of truthfulness means truthfulness not only in words but also in thoughts and deeds and it purifies us. Truthfulness of heart begets of course, a state of the sensibility which we call the love of truth. It is a feeling of spontaneity, arises in the sensibilities of one whose heart is truthful in contemplating truth this feeling is not virtue. It is rather a part of the reward of truthfulness of heart. And practice of truthfulness in daily life definitely makes our life simple, tension free and contended.
Paryushan parv- Day Five- Uttam Shauch or Contentment and purity of mind
Anupama Jain
Jahan hai sabhi ko bhar pet bhojan , Man hai paak saaf, Aur azad hai parinda bhee jahan – He mere prabhu bana mujhe us lok ka wasee This is a simple prayer of a human being but in these challenging times it looks like we are asking for heaven. Today- on the fifth day of paryushan parva, today we will discuss evil of greed or contentment and virtue of purity of mind. Even Chanakya the master of worldly affairs or gyata of neetee shashtra has advocated for purity of mind He said
Purity of speech, of the minds, of the senses and of compassionate heart is needed by one who desires to rise to the divine platform. But in the heart he knew it very well that purity is not needed only for getting oneself on divine platform bit it is the essence of human mind and basic of human civilization. As we grow ,we always long for purity of a child when our mind was not polluted with worldly practicalities, greed and desires and such is the force of purity that it attracts good person as well as bad person. Good person makes purity and contentment his companion whereas bad person tries to run away from its charm.
Be it Macbeth, shylock or Hindu demon god Ravana, all were victims of trap of uncontrolled desires and greed and got corrupted and were doomed. Actually greed is the selfish desire for more than one need or desires it can turn honest man dishonest and countries and nations as expansionists. Some times people defend greed but it can never be justified. The utopian society proves that greed is a bi product of the society you live in. Everybody has the same style house .food, clothes and work required of them. it is true that in society, every citizen should help each other but it is also true that most evils are developed by the bad habits among human.
Generally we do actions because we like, which means based on greed. In this trap, main greed is our guide, desire is our guide, we like this, that and the other all the time, all the time wanting, wishing; and why? Because of ignorance we fall in this trap- not understanding the result of greed, without knowing the influence or destructive power of greed.
According to jain scriptures (aagams) :-Shauch: Contentment or Purity (To keep the body, mind and speech pure by discarding greed and abstaining from possessive longing is called Shaucha or purity of soul. The longings that should be get rid off are of-1.Jivana Lobha longing to sustain one’s living. 2. Aroygaya Lobha longing to sustain one’s health. 3.Upabhoga Lobha – longing to enjoy things, which will be useful to contribute to general happiness.Each object will be of two kinds; one pertaining to the self and the one pertains to others. Getting rid of these types of longing is called Shauch or purity.
Paryushan parv- Day Six- Uttam Sanyam or Supreme Self-restraint
Anupama Jain
There are limits to self-indulgence, none to restraint Mahatma Gandhi.
When we defend all living beings with highest power in a cosmopolitan fortitude refraining from all the pleasures provided by the five senses – touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing; and the sixth  mind it is called Sanyam or self restrain. Our soul in a condition of mithya gyaan or false belief presume that it consists of the body, the Karmas and the sentiments, likes, dislikes, fury, conceit, etc. As a result of this wrong conviction, it imposes pain upon itself and is this the reason of its own desolation These need to be eradicated by contemplating on the true nature of the soul.

.Paryushan parv- Day seven-Uttam Tap or Supreme Penance
– Penance or Austerities (To practice austerities putting a check on all worldly allurements The purpose of penance is to keep longings and fervors in control. Over-indulgence inevitably leads to unhappiness. Penance leads to an incursion of positive Karmas .Penance are austerity. This is self control by way of fasting, meditation, study, etc. The control is aimed to elevate the soul above the pleasures and aches of our life. Penance or Austerities have a special place in the Jain code of conduct. There are twelve types of austerities or penance. The first six are considered exterior penances because they are mainly corporeal austerities. The remaining six are inner as the majority of them are connected with the intellect and our feelings towards others.

The twelve austerities are as follows-
The first six are termed as external types and the remaining six are internal types.
1) Fasting – carried out according to the firm regulations laid down by Jain religious teachers.
2) Eating in restraint- this is for good health too.
3) discarding feelings of voracity. (having limitation in the number of items one consumes)
4) Eating without feelings of affection to food.
5) Self-imposed hardships to train one’s mind.
6) Control of the body and senses.
The six internal types of austerities are-
1) The repentance of transgressions.
2) Showing modesty and reverence for spiritual leaders.
3) Serving sacred leaders
4) Studying good books.
5) contemplation
6) Observing cerebral kausagga ( i.e. feeling the separation of the body and soul through Jain-yoga practices

Paryushan parv-Day Eight-Uttam Tyaag or Supreme Renunciation
Anupama Jain

Renunciation of all possessions is Ahinsa; and appropriationOf all possessions is Hinsa
The word renunciation means to cast aside, to give up, to get rid of, to abandon and to depart.
A number of wise men have said: ‘In this world it is not what we take up but what we give up, that makes us rich. Truly has it been said; “A munificent mind never enjoys its possessions so much as when others are made partakers of them. Renunciation provides greatness to a man. Lord Bahubali followed the path of renunciation and accomplished his cherished objective. He triumphs over the kingdom of the sovereign king Bharat and returned it to him subsequently without a snag . Even Lord Ram also won over Lanka after defeating Ravan, and then he renounced it by crowning Vibhishan the ruler of Lanka.
LordJinendra has stated, “A living being. who discarding attachment to things, non-self maintains an indifferent outlook for physical body and worldly pleasures, is endowed with the virtue of renunciationvery living creature is aspirant for happiness. This happiness is an outcome of renunciation.

Paryushan parv-Day Nine-Uttam Akinchanya or Supreme Non Attachment
Anupama Jain

“He, who abandons the evil thought of attachment to worldly objects, can alone give up possessions”
To give up the belief that this thing belongs to me is virtue of non-attachment so non attachment means to put a limit to ambitions, to put a check on desires
1Internal Attachment-The feeling of love, hatred, affection deciet,laughter,lamenation, fear, disgust and ill-will for living beings; and wrong belief are internal attachments.
. External Attachment-The greed for wealth and property is external attachment. Greed for worldly possession consists in desiring more than what is needed by an individual.Historically, ten possessions are listed in scriptures: land, house, silver, gold, wealth, grain, female servants, maleservants, garments and utensils
Remaining unattached from these helps control ourdesires and leads to an influx of punya Karma so Assuredly, the non-appearance of attachment and other passions is Ahinsa(non-voilence), and their appearance is Hinsa (voilence),
Paryushan Parv- Day Ten- Uttam Brahmcharya or Supreme Celibacy
Anupama Jain

The ills of life are cured, if you root out lust from your heart.
Brahma means soul , which is chaste, enlightened, eternal and blissful andCharya means conduct. To become fully engrossed in soul is Brahmacharya-celibacy.In other words The code of conduct that leads to self-realization of Soul (orAtma) would, therefore, be the general meaning of Brahma-charya or celibacy.
On Chaturdashi devotees generally dont take cereals, instead they take only sweet water mix with crushed black pepper and soaked raisins along with soaked almond only once a day that too in evening before sunset

.Paryushan Parv-conclusion Day-Kshama Vaani or Forgiveness Day
Anupama Jain

A friend’s special forgiveness card is lying in front of me;
I can’t change past misdeeds,But can learn from them,
Making amends and starting anew
For whatever mistakes I might have madeKnowingly or unknowingly with thoughts, words or deeds
That caused you hurt and pain,
Please forgive me and let us start on, afresh.

She was a dear friend, due to some misunderstanding we parted ways but this little card brought tears in my eyes, all bitterness washed away with tears. Card was sent on the forgiveness day – The concluding day of Paryushan Parv or Das Lakshan Dharm Parv- Most auspicious jain festival , observed for ten days in Chaturmas. It celebrates human values – forgiveness, non violence, truthfulness etc that harbinger social harmony, amity and propagates the essence of Jainism – Live and let live!
According to jain scriptures forgiveness or kshama is termed as  veerasya abhushanm- a strength, not weakness. We just cannot reverse the past, and if we have to march ahead in life with positivity, why not practice forgiveness? Practicing forgiveness is greatest boon to mankind from god – said seers.

by – Anupama Jain


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