I will guarantee the IP is the issue my brother also uses my phone we have a small business my compliments his his compliments mine so I'm sure it's the IP, You guys keep saying contact US senator a representative from the governor's office why don't you post a phone number to help us out thank you. The already overburdened unemployment system cannot support the abundance of claims it currently has. I have uploaded several documents like my tax return id front and back social security card bank card my face with my id bank card and social all that they say in supposed to get a email. The excuses are invalid, there is no justification in the world that the state of Ohio or the ODJFS can provide which can justify the course of action that they used to address this matter and their own incompetence. "It's just stressful and it's overwhelming," Rodney Sweigart . My paper work has been turned in and looks good but still no answers on why I havent recieved any benifits again even though I have a new determination stating everything is fine. My first encounters with ODJFS was back in 2020 during that mass lay offs. I also changed my method of payment months ago to Wells Fargo but now GDOL says I get my deposits on debit card they issued me in the beginning the Go Program. I filed 07/21/2022 when I was wrongfully punished and fired for speaking up about discrimination. My claims say payment processed and I was suppose to receive 432 for 5 weeks so far and Ive only received 492.00 ..where is the rest of my money, I havent gotten any of mine it said that I got 475 Times five and that the checks were disbursed on February 4 but I still havent received anything on the reliacard. It will come, watch pending issues or (adjudication) , be patient, if you havent received and correspondence requiring additional verification, you are fine, I live in Ohio and it took 9 weeks before my pending issues cleared up, quite often pending issues doesnt mean that something is wrong , simply that they are getting around to your claim. Box 9699. I contacted legal aid and they are working on getting my benefits to me. The people set to receive their benefits were not even informed of the change until they actually contacted the Unemployment office to find out what happened to their direct deposits. Here is some more background and some possible reasons for the delayed payments, including those impacted by benefit year end and new claim issues. Her reasons were that individuals were having their personal bank accounts compromised, particularly online banking institutions and prepaid card systems. However; to apply the window is open from 8am to 9am. I just cleared up my verification and it says I was supposed to be paid 11/25. I think an entire summer is to long to wait for payment. Countless hours on the phone back and forth and no resolution. You need to file a PEUC claim to get the extensions if your state UI agency hasnt already notified you to do so. The same applies to me here in Oregon. I mailed them a copy of my id a copy of my ss card a copy of two pieces of mail with my address 2 weeks later it was approved i only got 289 for 2 weeks no backpay so far but the whole process has taken around 18 days. Im in Ohio and have been recieving PUA since September of last year, and about a month and a half ago they freeze my payments and ask for me to resubmit my paper work due to fraud which I understand thousands of people have had to do. I usually get it on Tuesday if I file on Monday and all my recent claim says is submitted. This is horrible. A pending issue of unemployment is a problem unemployment representatives have found with your unemployment eligibility. Laid off at not fault of my own. Now we have to submit all the same forms with two other additional forms again. There is no logical or conscionable reasoning for withholding benefits to individuals who have already submitted their information upon applying for assistance. Just chiming in that my wife and I are also going through this issue. When she did, she still didn't include proper information. Felder says she hasn't been paid in three weeks . GDOL they really are busy! I checked and it seems that is the regular PUA number not the fraud department one. I have the same problem. I did end up receiving my benefits and if my memory serves me right it was during the week I was to return to work. Wavier the over payment amount. Felder is one of several Ohioans we talked with facing similar "fraud, pending" notifications on their Pandemic Unemployment Assistance accounts. PUA Applications Are Closed. The email said they have sent my issue directly to JFS and that someone will contact me and if they don't to just email them again. Breaks in claim can occur if you tried to reopen a claim, but you earned more than your previous weekly benefit amount. I have my records of reporting this fraud because they send a confirmation that its received but they never reach back out to resolve this matter. I was fired from my job on 2/14/21 unfairly and have been fighting with unemployment for almost a year. I pay all the bills for us and don't have any extra to worry about the twelve thousand I have to pay back. I have pua mass n I have received all my weeks so far with no problem. Many state labor departments request applicants to submit claim forms by a specific day of the week. It has been 8 days and I have seen my payment status go from "processed" to "pending issues"Is this because no one has checked my Identity verification yet? When I would go check on it it was stuck on payment initiated for two days until finally late last night it said payment in progress. Things like: As soon as you get someone on the phone, say "Please take down my number and call me back if we get disconnected." Try calling really early in the morning. I filed for my pua in june or july I got my letter saying i was approved and how much I should be receiving. They deserve to be paid. The day after I sent mine, I got action on my claim and it is currently processing for payment. In some states like California and Florida it is taking up to 6 weeks to process PUA unemployment claims due to the massive spike in applications. But many, like Sean Seekins, are still waiting. Please call (877) OHIO-JOB (1-877-644-6562) or TTY at (888) 642-8203. Iam in the same spot. Mine was also due to identity verification. Im in Ohio too, Did you ever receive your payment? I keep checking my bank account and nothing! So I went into my bank account ( debit card ) where I receive all my weekly unemployment, and my bank account does not show all the backpay on there . This is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable! I worked at for them for 8 years and I have never been on unemployment. But I jus applied again, and within 3-4 days I received my benefits along with backpay starting from 1/4/21!!!!! I messaged the Lt. Good luck! Its really hurting the pocket as most of the money has been spent on Bills and groceries. for my weeks that I have been unemployed. Mine says February 19, 2021. To what address should I send a check so I can repay the overpayment? Please let me be the last that experience such stress & depression behind a flawed system! What should I do? This supplemental payment is known as Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (PUC) and is available through July 25, 2020. GOOD LUCK! When will I be receiving the backlogged pay.. my claim is start date 06/28/2020 to expiration 07/04/2020 I have started getting my weekly pay but only 3. They have a dad so they will have a guardian but this way they will have the funds needed to thrive! I have nothing but issues receiving my unemployment. As a result, there was a massive delay in providing assistance to those individuals and families who needed it the most. Theres a few more steps after receiving the letter of approval. Governor on Twitter and I got an email to send my problem too. Contact Information: Benefit Payment Control P.O. I sent my license in as a identification document. Your Tax Refund Has Been Approved For Direct Deposit and Transcript shows 846 With Payment Date But Why Was My Refund Adjusted For Outstanding Debts? In the meantime, 226,000+ Ohioans are at risk of being homeless by next week when their rent or mortgages are unable to be paid. My roommate has certifications all the way back to 2-4-20 and still hasnt received a penny. I have rent and bills to pay and five weeks is long enough to process. On March 29, 2020, the state of Ohio shut down. I dont even know the status of my claim. . Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. His last day of work was March 24 and he filed for unemployment a week or so later. Please DO NOT add attachments that contain your or other peoples personal information, if you dont want it to be visible to the public. They need me to identify myself. Im in Ga. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE EXACT REASON IT WASNT ACCEPTED! Idaho discontinued all federal CARES Act unemployment assistance programs week ending June 19, 2021. But theres more, the other 10 payments say paid out pay date and payment number but nothing came. I HAVE FILED SINCE AUGUST!! It was impossible to get through by phone all those months. No Outstanding Issues on Claim-Claim Status: Regular Active.. Any Advice?? No explanation. In many states backdated PUA and other enhanced UI benefit payments will be automatically paid shortly after the first PUA payment (assuming claimant is eligible), but in several states (e.g PA) individuals will also be asked to file separately for backdated claims for previous eligible weeks. By May 23, about half of those people had received their first payment. 2 things which I think may be helping move my case along. Between March 15 and May 30, 1,292,413 Ohioans applied for unemployment insurance - as many as applied over the previous three years combined. Ive got direct deposit. Please have someone in management contact me to discuss this issue in further details. MoveOn Civic Action does not necessarily endorse the contents of petitions posted on this site. I then provided all the documentation with enough proof of why i didn't complete the assignment and even asked them to advise me on how to become current to make up for the assignment i missed. Waiving PUA overpayments The $900 billion federal relief package passed last month gives states the power to waive these overpayments, made through the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program,. The virus. The way BYE is handed in many state varies and in some PUA claimants do not have to worry about filing a new claim after the BYE date. Man I am really really sorry yall!!! I received a letter approving me for PUA for the most recent round. it's been a run around and I'm being affected so much by this. I have no idea what that means. Above all else, there is no logical or conscionable reasoning for the director of the ODJFS to be so concerned with fraud in the middle of a global pandemic as to go so far as to erroneously deny benefits to hundreds of thousands of Ohioans who are the most at risk for homelessness due to this crisis. On Feb. 12, I finally received unemployment benefits. I was one of the lucky ones like you , last year i filed for regular unemployment and they denied me ,then someone told me about PUA so I gave it a shot. HOPE THIS HELPS GOOD LUCK.KEEP US POSTED PLEASE, oh n they told me it wasnt them ,they said they definitely paid thru the system so now its all on the banks side that i use n Im trying to get a hold of them which is another joke, You have to be calling wrong number I have the Ohio pua number an they answer after 35 40 minutes but they do answer I been on an off phone with them all damn day because of identity verification. My phone number changed because my phone died and I had to buy a new one. I tried two change it on the Ohio id website and it would not allow me to do anything. Fraudulent activity is suspected on your UI account or debit card. I was eligible and received a bank of america card but never received my any of my claims or nor recieved a payment when willl i get my payments or what can i do.
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